Side hinged garage doors in bath and bristolSide-hinged/Side-hung doors are often required to provide a traditional image to enhance the property and remain in keeping with other properties in the area; or for the more practical reason of avoiding obstructions within the garage such as gas or electric meters, water pipes or shelving, which prevent the use of an internally opening door.

Although there is the benefit of no head room or operating gear being necessary within the garage, adequate clearance immediately outside the garage is required to enable to the doors to open.

The most popular and lowest cost side-hinged door available is in steel followed by GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester), timber. Insulated steel side-hinged also available.

Window options are available.



The following size ranges are available:

  • Width - 5’0’’ to 14’0’
  • Height - 4’0’’ to 10’0’’