Sectiona garage doorsSectional doors offer a vertical lift action on a tracked mechanism which allows maximum use of space with no out-swing, thus, tight parking of cars both inside and outside the garage is possible. They are also perfect for garages that open directly onto a road or pavement where legislation may insist that the garage door has no out-swing for safety purposes.

Because of their design, sectional doors provide the highest degree of security and weather-sealing properties.

Sectional doors are available as single-skinned steel or insulated with either 20 mm or 40 mm insulation (perfect for integral garages). A timber finish is also an option; with timber, there is also a facility for creating your own individual design.

These doors can be operated manually, but are ideal for automation.

Colours and windows are an option too; matching side doors are available.


The following size ranges are available:

  • Width - 2000mm to 5500mm
  • Height - 1875mm to 3000mm

Larger sizes are available under our industrial range; please call for details.