Roller Gage doors BathRoller doors are similar in function to sectional doors, but, as the ‘curtain’ rolls up tightly when opened, it eliminates the necessity of tracks back into the garage thus optimizing overhead storage space and avoiding obstacles for high vehicles.

Again, these doors are perfect for garages that open directly onto a road or pavement; or where tight parking both inside and outside the garage is required. They can be fitted internally or externally and are also ideal for arched openings.

Headroom within the garage of between 10’’ to 16’’ is usually required, but, compact versions are available which reduce the headroom requirement to just over 8’’.

Roller doors are available as single-skin steel, or insulated with integral factory fitted electric operators.

Colours and windows are an option too.


We have the following sizes available:

  • Width - 1500mm to 5400mm
  • Height - 1000mm to 3500mm