The ultimate in luxury and practicality is an automated door.

Providing your existing door is of a suitable mechanism and operates efficiently, ie, is level and opens and closes smoothly, then we offer the installation of a belt-driven electric operator.

For up & over and sectional mechanisms, we supply predominantly Hormann operators; after researching other motors on the market, we find that these offer the best in value for money, reliability, operation and security.

Features include:

  • Maintenance-free/self adjusting toothed belt reinforced with Kevlar (5 times stronger than steel)
  • 868.8. MHz government approved frequency rather than the common 433 MHz used by taxi-firms, baby alarms, etc
  • Extremely secure 16 bit and 3 signal level code which cannot be scanned
  • Impact resistant hand transmitters
  • Extra security kit which engages into the boom stop
  • Option of battery and solar powered units for garages without electricity.

The operators have a five year guarantee and of course come with all of the other features you expect from an electric operator; soft start/stop, reliable automatic cut-out, integral automatic light and 2 hand transmitters as standard.

Roller/shutter doors can be supplied either with the operator integral to the product or with the addition of a reputable tubular motor; we have access to all makes and models on the market.



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